Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Already Lower than Nixon’s During Watergate

They didn’t start high to begin with. But since his inauguration, President Trump’s approval ratings have been in a virtual free-fall.

Gallop measures the President’s approval ratings, along with a slew of other politicians, groups, and policy decisions, on a weekly basis. In the the latest poll, Trump was registering an anemic 35% approval rating. And folks, that’s pretty bad.

According to Political Line, that 35% is lower than a number of other presidents suffering through their most difficult times in office. All of these numbers come from Gallop, “Nixon Watergate Hearings – 36% W Bush post Katrina – 40% Iran Contra Reagan – 46% Ford pardons Nixon – 50% Trump today 35%”

The latest slide began after Trump hit a 45% approval just a week before. Since then, the GOP’s new healthcare plan came out, and his claims of Obama wiretapping have been widely discredited by virtually every intelligence official who has spoken out – this includes the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee.

CNN reports:

Aside from the controversy over Trump’s wiretapping claim, the latest poll numbers suggest growing dissatisfaction with his performance following the chaotic rollout of Republicans’ plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and reaction to his travel ban that has faced stiff legal opposition.

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