Trump’s Top Budget Guy, an Infamous Deficit Hawk, Is a Dirty, Shameless Liar.

Before Mick Mulvaney became Director of the Office of Management and Budget, he was a Congressman representing South Carolina’s 5th district. Mulvaney was known as a staunch critic of all things deficit.

On a recent appearance on “CNN Sunday,” the former Deficit Hawk admitted the tax reform framework being pushed by the White House would likely lead to increased deficits, at least in the short term and that is fine with him. Mulvaney said, “I’ve been very candid about this. We need to have new deficits because of that. We need to have the growth. If we simply look at this as being deficit-neutral, you’re never going to get the type of tax reform and tax reductions that you need to get to sustain 3 percent economic growth.”

Isn’t it peculiar that incurring debt as direct result of tax cuts which would benefit corporations and the wealthiest among on, Mr. Mulvaney has loosened up the budgetary purse strings? When he represented South Carolina, Mulvaney was a vociferous supporter Constitutional amendment that would require the federal government to incur no more debt. During an October 2016 debate on the matter, he said, “A balanced budget amendment would force Washington to do the same thing that your family, your church, your business, your school, and even your state and local governments have to do: prioritize spending. Your family has to make tough decisions over what to buy ― and what not to buy; Washington should be forced to do the same thing.”

During a House Budget hearing in 2012, Mulvaney said, “It’s hard to call it a budget if it never really balances. Is that a plan for the future? Is that really the country that we want to live in, where we’re spending that much money on interest payments for the deficits that we’ve run up during the — during these years?”

As a result of what Mulvaney perceived to be failure to balance that budget, he was among the group of far-right House Republicans who led the federal government down in 2013.

Curiously, Mr. Mulvaney has continuously called for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which sundry nonpartisan analyses have shown would lead to increased deficits.

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