Two Major Appeals Court Rulings Blindside Team Trump, Threaten Their Agenda-of-Hate

If you’ve been waiting for some good news to emerge out of all the Team Trump BS, then folks, we finally have some for you.

CNN reports that a federal judge has stopped the Trump Administration’s efforts to block federal funding from flowing to “sanctuary cities” – those who will not use their own resources to assist in the federal immigration and deportation efforts.

This decision was handed down byJudge William Orrick, who sits on the powerful 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which the President has grown to hate in his first few months as president.

In related news, a three-judge decision from that same 9th Circuit was handed down effectively slapping Trump’s travel ban on Muslim-majority nations to the ground.

According to CNN, “The appeals court has ruled against reinstating the President’s travel ban against these seven muslim-majority countries…This decision will prevent the reinstatement of those travel restrictions.”

Trump’s angry, childish response will make you even giddier.

In perhaps a series of the most anti-American rhetoric to ever come from a sitting president, Trump has continually blasted the U.S. Judiciary for not allowing his unconstitutional and un-American policies. That tradition continued when Trump reacted to the news on Twitter, saying, “First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!”


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