Uh-oh…New Poll Reveals Republicans Believe their Party is On the Way to Ruins

As Democrats and Independents remain mystified that the Republican party still exists nine months into Trump’s presidency, it appears that actual Republicans are becoming dubious about their party’s future.

A new poll from Pew Research Center shows that Republicans are now considerably less enthusiastic about their party than they were in November 2016, right after President Trump was elected. Per Pew:

“Pessimism about the GOP’s future remains a minority viewpoint among Republicans and Republican leaners. However, a Pew Research Center survey of 4,867 adults conducted Sept. 14-28 finds that the share of Republicans who are very or somewhat pessimistic about the future of their party has nearly doubled, from 20% in December to 39% in the current survey. About six-in-ten Republicans (59%) say they are very (12%) or somewhat (47%) optimistic about the future of the Republican Party. In December 2016, nearly eight-in-ten (79%) said they were very (28%) or somewhat (51%) optimistic. Republican views are now comparable to what they were on the eve of the 2016 election: Last November, 61% expressed optimism about their party’s future.”

Democrats have been put through the proverbial ringer and are still struggling for real party unity since exiting the Thunderdome that became the last presidential primary and suffering Clinton’s stunning defeat.

As Trump continues to launch charmless offensives against virtually all marginalized groups, one might have thought protest fatigue would have the Democratic party far more sullen than its Republican counterparts. But the same polling data indicates that the Dems might be finding their way back to unity as they identify as 5 percentage points above Republicans in identifying as “optimistic” about their party’s future, with a 4 point advantage in the “somewhat optimistic” identification and a 1 point advantage in the “very optimistic” identification.

Could it be that Trump’s haphazard tossing of red meat is fracturing his own party while reunifying the Democrats?

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