Watch Samantha Bee Slam Steve Bannon and His ‘Penis Goblins’

This might be be best things you see today on the internet…

Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal, recently had the opportunity to check out a new book about Steve Bannon – Donald Trump’s white-supremacist-in-chief.

Specifically, the book, written by Joshua Green (a journalist with Bloomberg Businessweek), highlights Bannon’s unlikely rise to power in America. Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency is described by Bee as “the true story of how Steve Bannon brought the alt-right into our world. Like a reverse Buffy standing at hell-mouth going, ‘Come on in, demons!’”

It all comes down to internet trolls. The Huffington Post explains:

Bannon apparently first learned the power of internet trolls in 2005, when he encountered the online gaming community while working for a company that employed “low-wage Chinese workers” to play “World of Warcraft” and win in-game gold that they could then sell back to players for real money.

“They had enough power that they basically ruined Bannon’s business,” according to Green in the extract that Bee highlighted. “But the lesson he took away from that was that these rootless white males who spend all their time online actually had what he told me was, quote, ‘monster power’ to go out there and effect change”.

She goes on to explain that after Bannon took over Breitbart, he went after the very same audience. She calls them, “penis goblins.”

“…he set about turbo-charing the website’s white populist agenda and ‘fuck everyone’ attitude. Meanwhile, his beloved penis goblins had discovered a cool, new multiplayer game ― coordinated rape threats. So many rape threats! Honestly, I don’t even know when they found time to play video games anymore.”

You can watch the segment here. Be sure to like, share, and join the conversation on Facebook.

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