We Just Found Out Why Donald Trump Is Hellbent on Firing Robert Mueller

On Thursday it was revealed that President Trump had ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June 2017.

This news was released by all major media outlets and has been a major point of discussion regarding the investigation into collusion between Trump, his election team, his White House Staff and Russian operatives.

According to Renato Mariotti of Politico, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will most likely conclude that Trump has obstructed justice in the Russia investigation – more specifically in his firing of former FBI Director, James Comey.

According to Mariotti, “While we don’t know all of the evidence, Thursday’s revelation suggests it is likely Mueller will conclude that Trump obstructed justice. Some conservative legal commentators have argued that Trump’s constitutional authority to fire personnel and end investigations is so vast that he cannot obstruct justice as a legal matter. Most legal scholars find that argument unpersuasive, but it is an academic point—not one that is decisive—because Mueller has pressed forward in investigating the firing of Comey as obstruction of justice and the power of Congress to impeach Trump goes beyond the text of any statute.

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Even if Mueller concludes that he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt in court that Trump was guilty of obstructing justice, I believe he will ultimately present the matter to Congress for potential impeachment instead. After all, according to the New York Times, former independent counsel Kenneth Starr possessed a legal memo concluding that he had the power to indict former President Bill Clinton but did not do so, ultimately choosing to present the matter to Congress.

I think Mueller would likely do the same thing, because it’s the more prudential approach given that it’s an open legal question whether a sitting president can be indicted.

Whether a Republican Congress would take action against Trump, regardless of Mueller’s conclusions, is anyone’s guess. But Thursday’s news made impeachment proceedings against Trump more likely.

Ultimately the president’s performance in his upcoming interview with Mueller could prove decisive. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of discipline when questioned, and Mueller has a lot to work with.”

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This revelation of Mueller’s investigation may be the best news to reach the American public in months. Impeachment certainly wouldn’t be the worse thing that could happen – this could definitely calm down Trump (or even remove him from office). As the State of The Union speech is given this week we will begin to see if Trump is mellowing, or continuing his fiery approach to “leading” the United States. It’s certainly an interesting time to observe American politics.


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