WH Insiders Reveal Trump Is Considering Prosecuting Robert Mueller

Since the Russia investigation has started, there has been discussion of Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

However, there has been no movement from the White House to try and push Mueller out of the investigation. The main reason for this is because of the potential further problems it could create for Trump and his staff.

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It now looks like Trump and his team may have devised another plan that would essentially have the same outcome. The new plan would simply be to show evidence that the Russia investigation and the FBI are both without merit or credit. Howard Fineman of NBC News has spoken with several individuals close to Trump and was able to report the following regarding the possible current Trump strategy:

“I think he’s been convinced that firing Mueller would not only create a firestorm, it would play right into Mueller’s hands,” said another friend, “because it would give Mueller the moral high ground.”

Instead, as is now becoming plain, the Trump strategy is to discredit the investigation and the FBI without officially removing the leadership. Trump is even talking to friends about the possibility of asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider prosecuting Mueller and his team. “Here’s how it would work: ‘We’re sorry, Mr. Mueller, you won’t be able to run the federal grand jury today because he has to go testify to another federal grand jury,’” said one Trump adviser.

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If Mueller and his team were prosecuted by the Attorney General, they would be mired up in those proceedings – thereby at least stalling the Russia investigation. This would put the investigation and any of its findings so far on ice for the foreseeable future.

And by doing this Trump could finish out his term without as much interference as he may currently be enjoying.

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