White House Continues to Spiral; Trump Has Now Started Hurling Insults at Mike Pence

Ever wondered about the relationship between President Trump and Vice President Pence? Well, needless to say, Trump does not hold Pence in the highest of regards. In fact, he feels that Pence is an unsophisticated hillbilly politician. And not only does Trump harbor these feelings towards Pence alone, but he feels the same way about the entire Pence family.

One of the major issues that has caused Trump to inappropriately feel this way toward Pence is due to Pence’s family pets. Yes…their pets!

Apparently, Trump feels that the Pence family should have simply left their pets behind when they came to Washington to serve the country at the highest elected level. According to The Hill, Trump was embarrassed by the actions of the Pence family in regard to their extended family members. “…Trump told his secretary that he thought it was ‘low class’ for the Pences to bring their pets to the Naval Observatory… He thinks the Pences are yokels.

Obviously Trump has little concern for Pence and from the statements made to his secretary (as reported by The Hill, above) he has little concern for family. The Pence’s are just normal, average Americans who embrace a lifestyle with which most Americans can identify. They have children, they have pets, and these are all part of their home life – something they hold dear and sacred, yet Trump would like ti to be otherwise.

Apparently, his big-city and big-money lifestyle does not hold family in the same high regard as the Pence family.

Trump’s attitude and inability to control his mouth are sickening. America has made a grave mistake. He simply shouldn’t be occupying the Office of President. He is a liability to the country and is causing the United States to become a laughing stock in the international political world. Trump is a friend to no man or animal and can not be trusted.

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