White House Insider Leaked Report that Trump Prints Out Tweets about Him He Likes, Signs Them, and Mails Them Back to the Author

President Trump has been known to engage in some bizarre and unusual behavior, unlike any president before him.

This is ESPECIALLY true where social media is concerned so it should come as no surprise to hear that Trump has been printing out tweets about him that he likes, signing them, and mailing them to the authors.

In a recent piece from Politico, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said that he once tweeted something about Trump and the president liked it.

Soon after, a printed hard copy of the tweet unexpectedly showed up at his Congressional office in DC with Trump’s signature on it.

Gaetz said he put it in a frame and hung it on the wall.

The Politico report takes accounts of the President’s daily routine from more than 10 current and former officials and according to that report, Trump doesn’t limit his print and sign system to tweets alone- he also does the exact thing with newspapers and magazines.

Apparently if he reads something, ANYTHING, about himself that strikes his fancy, he takes extraordinary measures to let the public know about it.

One source was quoted in the story:

“He’s not a fan of The New York Times or The Washington Post but he never misses a day reading them. And if he doesn’t read them that day, he’ll put them in a box and read them a few days later. He would literally sit on Air Force One for, like, 12 hours and go through stacks of newspapers. It was amazing how religious he was about his newspapers.”

One source says that Trump has a slightly different approach when it comes to articles about his allies and comrades.

For THOSE he uses a black marker to sign it, makes notes on it, and then mails it to them.

Hard to say which sources he finds credible, however, since he has referred to journalists as the “enemy of the people.”

Funnily enough, as often as Trump is on Twitter, whether he is attacking Democrats, misunderstanding science, or retweeting anything that is remotely positive about himself, he rarely ever actually LIKES a tweet on the social media site.

He clearly prefers his slightly creepy print, sign, and mail system for a more, um, personal touch.

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