Yuge ‘Impeach Trump’ Billboards Just Appeared in Times Square As Part of Massive Movement to Remove Trump from Office

As previously reported, billionaire Tom Steyer is investing millions in an effort to impeach President Donald Trump.  This holiday season, Steyer is ramping up his efforts to reach the public in a big way.

Steyer’s Need to Impeach campaign has put billboards up in New York City’s Times Square.  An estimated 350,000 citizens walk through the area daily, and an estimated one million people will be there to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

The Democratic billionaire told Bloomberg the reasoning behind the billboards, and his campaign, saying, “We legitimately feel that this is the huge issue in front of the American people that no one is standing up for what the overwhelming number of Americans think.”

The billboards advertise Steyer’s website, needtoimpeach.com.  There, visitors can read Steyer’s letter petitioning Congress that President Trump be impeached and removed from office, and join 2.6 million citizens who have already signed the petition.  There is some question, regardless of how many signatures the petition receives, if the campaign will work.

Six House members have already brought articles of impeachment against President Trump, but Democratic party leaders are still preaching against moving too quickly.  Steyer believes that lawmakers are more concerned about  political strategy than he himself is, and that he’s not using his impeachment campaign in a tactical way.

His goal, and his only goal, is to see a terrible president removed from office.

Steyer’s petition may or may not lead to impeachment.  But if President Trump gets word that millions of Americans desperately want him removed from office, Trump’s ego will be sorely bruised.  Invariably, that will lead to some really fun Twitter outrage from our Tweeter-in-Chief.  And isn’t that Trump’s real legacy, his hysterical and cringe-inducing use of Twitter?

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