According to reports, Congress is likely nearing some pretty bad news for former President Donald Trump, with the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021 and Trump’s role therein, poised to make criminal referrals, and House Democrats likely preparing to release details from Trump’s tax records after the Ways and Means Committee obtained several years of his tax documents back in November.

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Predictably, Trump did not handle the forthcoming news well, taking to his Truth Social website to post that the United States is like “a person dying from cancer” and specifically criticizing the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) for what he sees as continued attacks on him.

Trump wrote:

“Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of ‘Justice,’ and ‘Intelligence,’ all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!”

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In an earlier post, Trump made reference to reports that the FBI had notified Twitter about users potentially violating the social media company’s terms of service:

“This (the FBI’s wild and crazy relationship with Twitter) is absolutely a coordinated effort to change Election Results!” Trump wrote, adding “and it worked, but they got caught. This is why people protested in Washington. Our 2020 Presidential Election was Crooked, Rigged, and Stolen, and yet the Unselect Committee of Political Hacks & Thugs didn’t spend any time investigating this outrage!”

Trump is notably currently under investigation by the DOJ over his handling of classified documents that he took when he left office in January of 2021 and illegally stored them at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. The FBI raided the resort home on August 8 and seized the materials, as  Trump denied any wrongdoing.

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While Trump initially succeeded in having a special master appointed to review the documents, the victory was short lived as the decision to appoint a special master was overturned by a Florida appeals court in early December.



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