A Fox News anchor lost her cool when moderate Senator Joe Manchin (D. WV) challenged her on whether she wanted the best for America.

Fox’s Harris Faulkner conducted a contentious interview with Manchin earlier this week and took issue when he asked her if she’s afraid that Democrats might do “something good” for the country.

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Faulkner fired back, asking Manchin not to make it personal.

Manchin’s appearance comes after he struck a deal with Majority Leader Schumer to pass portions of President Biden’s agenda.  Fox News has featured Manchin many times over the last few years, as he’s been their favorite Democrat, since he made a living off of sinking Biden’s agenda in congress.

Now that he’s working better with members of his own party, Fox News hosts have complained of Manchin’s “betrayal.”

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Here’s how the conversation with Faulkner went:

Manchin: “We need more energy today so—we also need to invest in the energy for the future. This is a balanced approach everyone has been talking about. Everyone is upset for whatever reason because they are afraid it is a political bill. It is not a Democrat bill. Not a Republican bill. It is not a green deal. This is a red, white, and blue deal, Harris.”

When Faulkner parroted Republican push back claiming the legislation would raise taxes on middle-class Americans, Manchin push backed, asking “Who is paying any taxes that doesn’t have a corporation that has revenue of over a billion dollars a year? Not one person.”

Faulkner responded: “I am asking you a different question than you’re answering. I’m saying Americans $400,000 and below now are going to be taxed. Their taxes will go up.”

The interview growing more tense, Manchin again pushed back with “That’s wrong. That’s a lie. A pure, outright lie.”

Manchin then began to urge Faulkner to “be optimistic,” and “be an American,” seemingly egging on the Fox host, culminating with “Harris, are you scared that we’re going to do something good that will help our country?”

WV Sen. Joe Manchin via Flickr / Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin

“Of course not! My father served!” Faulkner angrily shot back.

Manchin calmly responded “Well, sounds like you are,” before Faulkner continued shouting at him with “Are you kidding? Service is in the Bible!. That’s what we do, we serve our fellow man and woman. Of course! Don’t make this personal, because it’s not.”

When she again challenged him on the economic bill as well as his current low approval rating, Manchin concluded:

“I work with what I have here in the majority party we have as a Democratic Party. I’m working with the president, who has accepted the proposal I put forward and negotiated. Balanced energy policy. It’s wonderful for our country. I know people who don’t like the president and don’t like Democrats might be upset. It is not whether you like the president or you like Democrats. Do you like America? Do you want to fight inflation? This bill does it.”

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