“MAGA,” representing former President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” has now come to mean “making attorneys get attorneys” according to reports from the legal world, as dozens of lawyers who rushed to defend Trump now find themselves also facing a myriad of legal issues, like disbarment, investigations, subpoenas and potential criminal charges.

The New York Times reports:

“Over six years and nine major investigations by Congress, the Justice Department and local prosecutors, as Mr. Trump has managed to avoid removal from the presidency and indictment, it has become clear that serving as one of his lawyers is a remarkably risky job — and one that can involve considerable legal exposure. Time after time, his attorneys have been asked to testify as witnesses to potential crimes — or evaluated as possible criminal conspirators themselves.”

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High-profile lawyers such as former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and some of the more obscure ones who fought on Trump’s behalf to try and overturn the 2020 Presidential election are seeing their careers badly damaged by their association with Donald Trump.

The report continues:

“17 mostly lesser-known lawyers who represented Mr. Trump in battleground states as he tried to overturn the election are facing ethics complaints, putting them at risk of being disciplined or disbarred by bar associations or the courts. Vigorously defending the client — even one known for unscrupulous behavior or accused of an egregious crime — is part of a lawyer’s basic job description. But attorneys are bound by a code of professional conduct that forbids them from crossing certain lines, including knowingly making false claims, filing frivolous lawsuits or motions, and doing anything to further a crime.”

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And continues with an explanation from University of Baltimore law professor Kimberly Wehle:

“Mr. Trump’s quest for such a lawyer fueled a destructive cycle: As his legal difficulties mounted, he hired more lawyers, who in turn faced problems for their work on his behalf, leading established lawyers concerned about their reputations to balk at representing him. There’s no way to adhere to your ethical integrity and keep your job. There’s just no way to not step into a mess.”

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Michael Teter, whose group has “filed complaints against 40 lawyers who took part in suits challenging the 2020 results,” said he is giving notice to attorneys to steer clear of the former President.  He concluded:

“Ultimately, we want to demonstrate to all the lawyers that the next time that Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani calls and says, ‘Hey, will you sign your name to this,’ they’ll say ‘no,’ because they’ll realize that there are professional consequences.”

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