Right-wing extremist radio host Alex Jones is having a rough few weeks, and earlier this week took to the airwaves to lash out at his audience, accusing them of believing what he said was the mainstream media’s propaganda following a bankruptcy hearing that went very poorly for him.

During the Tuesday edition of his Infowars broadcast, Jones slammed media reports that correctly reported that he had been stripped of bankruptcy protections, claiming that his attorneys agreed to the court order.

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Jones whined to his audience:

“This place is on the edge of insolvency. We are in bankruptcy to try to get through this and to try to minimize the bills. And then a bunch of the audience thinks, ‘Well, he’s going off air; I’m not going to support him.'”

Jones continued by claiming that even if a judge granted him a $1.3 million salary, he couldn’t afford food:

“It’s a liberating feeling. I kind of feel good in this fight that I’m going to get down to the point where I can’t buy groceries. That makes me feel actually like I’ve done my job. I’m actually liking this in a way.”

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Jones got more heated as the rant continued:

“I don’t tell lies, you got that? That’s my secret! My brain becomes more powerful every day because I’ve trained myself not to lie to myself, not to lie to my audience and not to lie in front of God!”

Jones also wondered aloud if his downfall was a “self-fulfilling prophecy” because again, his audience had the audacity to believe the reports:

“All the fake lawsuits couldn’t shut us down, but you decided to believe their propaganda, and you believe we’re going under because the lawyers told you we’re going under, the Democrats told you we’re going under. And you’ve decided — some of you — to believe that, so we’ve gotten less support.”

“OK, believe them! It will make it true! Because it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“If we were way behind to pay the bills, I could just say, well, it’s time to really shut this down. But that fact that it’s just right there! We’re almost where we need to be! And we’re just almost going to beat these people! It just pisses me off!”

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The bankruptcy ruling was just the latest in a line of bad news for Jones in the wake of a judge ordering him to pay over a billion dollars in damages to the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, which Jones had derided as a staged event by Democrats as part of their attempt to take guns away from Americans.

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