House Republicans on Friday released a new policy platform ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, criticizing Democrats’ prescription drug cost reductions and opening the door to Social Security and Medicare cuts, among other wildly unpopular with the American public ideas.

The one-page document was leaked on Wednesday, giving critics an early chance to tear it apart.

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A multi-page document bearing that name “Commitment to America” appeared online briefly on Wednesday on the website of House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy.  After Annie Karni of The New York Times tweeted the document out, the page was taken down.  It is not clear if it was the entirety of what Republicans plan to release or a summary of the platform.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s communications director  was quick to slam the Republican platform on Twitter with a series of screenshots from McCarthy’s now protected website.

McCarthy said he was unaware of the leak, telling reporters “I haven’t seen it.”

Flickr / Gage Skidmore / Republicans created unofficial Jan. 6 committee whose purpose was to accuse the US Capitol Police

On Friday, the party officially released the plan, looking to focus on actual policy and agendas, instead of doing nothing but criticize President Joe Biden.

McCarthy said:

“We’ve spent the last year and a half — all the Republican members in conference — going throughout the country listening — listening to the challenges, fighting what Democrats have been doing. And we want to roll it out to you, to the entire country, to know exactly what we will do.”

The agenda features the normal conservative talking points of the economy, illegal immigration, the opioid crisis, combating crime and increased fossil fuel production, which they frame as a weakness for Biden, and then hits on hot-button social issue like transgender athletes in girls’ sports, and in parts very strongly resembles the MAGA agenda of former president Donald Trump.

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Pelosi slammed the agenda on Friday afternoon for its “whole-hearted commitment” to Trumpism, and accused Democrats of trying to criminalize women’s health care and threaten democracy:

“These appalling proposals have long been advanced by right-wing politicians and are widely supported by the dark money special interests who call the shots in the (Republican Party). But this extreme MAGA agenda is way out of step with Americans’ priorities, who align with Democrats’ vision of putting people over politics: with lower costs, better-paying jobs and safer communities.”

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