Kyle Rittenhouse, the then 17 year old Illinois teenager who shot three people, killing two, during racial justice protests in Wisconsin in 2020, and who was acquitted last year on charges related to that shooting, will not attend Texas A&M University as he has told conservative media outlets recently.

In an appearance last Friday with conservative personality Charlie Kirk, Rittenhouse said he would be attending Texas A&M University in the fall and it would be “awesome.”  Rittenhouse then put on a baseball hat with the school’s logo, to which Kirk replied  “Wow, everybody, it’s a big deal. Right here on the Charlie Kirk show, Kyle Rittenhouse is announcing that he’s an Aggie.”

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Rittenhouse replied: “So, I’m going to be going there and it’s going to be awesome. Beautiful campus, amazing people, amazing food.”

Texas A&M replied spokespeople replied, saying that Rittenhouse had not been admitted to the school for the fall or summer.

After A&M denied his claim that he would attend, Rittenhouse released a statement saying he planned to attend Blinn College, a two-year feeder school to A&M, instead, before taking to Twitter to complain that the end of his time in High School had been robbed from him:

“Unfortunately, the end of my high school career was robbed from me. I didn’t have the time other students get to properly prepare for the future. I look forward to attending Blinn College District this year, a feeder school for Texas A&M. I’m excited to join Texas A&M in 2023!”

A Blinn College spokesperson said that Rittenhouse has indeed applied to the school, but has not as of yet enrolled for a current or upcoming term at Blinn. Blinn is, however, an open enrollment college, which means that all students are welcome.

Twitter had understandably strong feelings about Rittenhouse’s lies and complaints:

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