Fox News contributor and daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, Lara Trump, recently took some heat over her tone-deaf Instagram posts of her young son playing outside as Hurricane Ian ravaged around their Florida home, according to the Miami Herald.

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Trump shared a video of her 5-year-old son playing in a toy car outside their South Florida home.

Trump, who lives with her husband Eric Trump and family in a $3.2 million home Jupiter, Florida, that they bought last year, showed her 1.6 million followers her little boy looking soaked and rubbing his eyes amid a torrential downpour, crying.

“Oh my God, Luke!” Laura laughs off camera to her child.  Luke Trump at one point in the video protested being outside, to which his mother replied, “You can do it! Let’s go!”

“Thought we had a clear window, turns out we did some character building instead????” said her caption on the Instagram post, followed by “Stay safe, everyone!”\

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Comments on the post were certainly mixed, with plenty of laughing emojis and comments like  “Awesome! These are things we did on purpose as kids,” and “Fifty years later it still looks like a blast … stay safe over there.” Other comments included “Character building. I love it! That is the attitude of a winner as you are obviously one” and “Now he doesn’t need to take a bath.”

Others commenters were less by the video, especially because it seems like  the boy did not want to be playing in a hurricane (the gall) and criticized Lara Trump for not checking the weather forecast, with one commenting “Make your kid miserable, film it … and share on social media all during a hurricane, tasteless at best.” Another commented “I don’t know what’s worse – that Lara Trump did this to her child, or that she filmed it and then posted it as some sort of brag,” Former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski reshared the post about the “exercise” and received more than 10,000 likes and many commenters accusing Trump of  “child abuse.”

via Instagram / @laraleatrump

Trump later posted a picture of her daughter smiling in a tank top, captioned “And here’s my daughter, having the time of her life in the rain…Cue the crazies.”

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