Prosecutors have charged two New Yorkers with the illegal use of funds from their Chinese and Singaporean investors to donate $600,000 to former President Donald Trump’s 2017 re-election campaign, according to a report by Reuters.

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Sherry Li and Lianbo “Mike” Wang are accused of abusing their political connections as they were trying to secure funds to build a China-themed park that Li called “Chinese Disneyland” in upstate New York.  The prosecution added that they raised nearly $30 million in investment, but the project was abandoned.

Prosecutors argue that the pair made contributions in their own names to a Trump fundraiser on June 28, 2017, but that that money came from 12 foreign donors who paid over $90,000 each to attend the event with Li and Wang.

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Campaign finance laws in the U.S. bar foreigners from contributing to political candidates like Trump.

The pair, both originally from China, are naturalized citizens. They were arrested on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States.  Charges of wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy were also added to Li’s and Wang’s cases.

Trump has not been accused of wrongdoing in the case, and his spokespeople have not issued any comments on it at all.

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The defendants used a picture taken at the aforementioned June 2017 event of Li smiling with the then President and his first lady, Melania Trump, to try and solicit investment funds for their theme park project, according to prosecutors.  According to the report, Li also used a Chinese national’s funds to give money to other committees so that she could attend campaign events in October 2017, which included have dinner with Trump at an event.

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