There has been a lot of recent criticism of Attorney General Merrick Garland for the Justice Department’s apparent reluctance to act quickly against former President Donald Trump and his administration in light of increasingly damning testimony and evidence against them presented to the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021.

There are also many voices, however, that believe Garland, based on his track record, is building a fool-proof case against Trump and co. and when he acts, he will act BIG.

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The Palmer Report explains their take:

Garland sadly has become the face for many people of every wrong Donald Trump has ever done to this country. And that is due to marketing — very clever marketing.

Think about it. Think about the number of times Garland has been called a coward or “hiding under his desk.” But, when have you ever SEEN this so-called cowardice? When?

Answer — never. It’s an image. It’s the smoke and mirrors of politics. Anyone can get sucked in if they’re not paying attention. Garland has once again reiterated that the January 6 investigation is the most important he has ever worked on. He has sought to reassure. He has repeated himself countless times that nobody is above the law.

Please take a walk with me, if you will, into the life of Merrick Garland, and let’s break the particular subliminal messaging that has so skillfully been woven around Garland.

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Palmer continues, explaining some of Garland’s history:

The former high school valedictorian was known for his “quiet brilliance.” And he made a name for himself. Then came the catastrophe. It was a catastrophe that killed 168 people and injured many more. It was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in America. I speak of the Oklahoma City bombing.

And amidst the tragedy, one man said this: “Do not bury the crime in the clutter.” Joe Hartzler was the lead attorney in the case against Timothy McVeigh. He found those words so important that he wrote them down and hung them in his office. Those words were spoken by Merrick Garland — then an official with the DOJ.

Garland also supervised the Unabomber case. Does this sound to you like a cowardly man? Of course not. Garland has been the victim of marketing. Let us not add to it by assigning him traits like cowardice and hubris. Garland is Garland — conscientious, intelligent, and accurate.

Senior Fellow in Governance at Brookings Institute, Norman Eisen, something of an expert on Trump and his crimes, also urges patience with the Garland DOJ.  Eisen was special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during then-President Trump’s first impeachment, and also wrote a new book called “Overcoming Trumpery: How to Restore Ethics, the Rule of Law, and Democracy.”

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Eisen says America should have patience with Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ and says that the upcoming House committee hearings will be crucial in holding Trump and his people accountable for their crimes against the constitution.

Eisen concluded:

“Garland fears no person. I’ve known him for years and he is a great American jurist and lawyer. He has said that he’s going to follow the evidence where it leads and apply the law without fear or favor. He’s going to let the chips fall where they may. I believe him. He’s very methodical. He’s very deliberate.”

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