Former South Carolina Governor and Donald Trump goon Nikki Haley was widely ridiculed recently for her math skills after a since-deleted Tweet criticizing President Joe Biden over inflation went viral.

Haley referenced Joe Biden’s “bragging” about the lower cost of Independence Day Cookout food and supplies in 2021, comparing it to the current rising costs due to inflation.  The problem, however, is Haley clearly doesn’t understand how inflation or percentages work, as her nifty chart she shared just added the percentages items have gone up since last year together to falsely claim that the overall cost of such items is 67% higher than in 2021.

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Yahoo News explained the egregious accounting error:

“That’s not how inflation works. Adding the percentages of individual price increases together to make a larger number does not actually correspond to a real price increase of that magnitude; no sector of the economy has seen a price increase of anywhere close to that amount.

The post was quickly taken down after Ms Haley apparently realised how bad the math she was presenting as fact really was, but that didn’t stop the mockery from political analysts, some of whom were so surprised by the logical leap that they did not initially believe it to be a real post. Many pointed out that Ms Haley, considered a potential contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has a degree in accounting.”

The mockery, even after the Tweet was taken down, was swift and thorough, as illustrated by these Tweets:

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