Former President Donald Trump spent his Thanksgiving Day offering a surprising show of thankfulness, gratitude, and good will to the American people.

Just kidding. He didn’t.  Trump did, however, take some time on Thanksgiving to lash out at one of the prosecutors investigating alleged misconduct in his business, the Trump Organization.


Trump posted on his Truth Social website:

“The Manhattan D.A. Case should never have been brought.”

He went on to attack the Mazars Group, at the center of the investigation as the accounting for the Trump’s businesses:

“This case should be dismissed immediately, and the large, highly paid and ‘prestigious’ accounting firm that we relied on to do their job, but didn’t, should pay us a fortune in damages.”

He later returned to an old favorite, calling the investigation “a total witch hunt!” and then, strangely, “Give me freedom or give me death.”

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It’s not clear if he misquoted Patrick Henry’s  famous “give me liberty or give me death” quote or was modifying for his audience of noted history scholars.

A few minutes later, the former President complained about the American justice system, saying that “it is almost impossible to get a fair decision on a case if you are a Republican. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is!”


Trump concluded his holiday cheer by attacking the appointment of special prosecutor Jack Smith as a “rigged scam,” and noting that he believes he “did nothing wrong on Jan. 6 (peacefully & patrioticly (sic)), or with documents (check out past presidents).”

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