Boehner Slams Trump, Then Proves Himself a Hypocrite

John Boehner may no longer the the powerful Speak of the House, but he has none-the-less weighed in on the Republican Nominee for President.

At this point, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that another so-called conservative has strong words about Trump, but it still makes us smile a little. NBC News reports that Boehner used the words “barely a Republican” to describe Trump. He went on to say he is “not a conservative.”

Boehner was speaking his mind during an interview with VICE News. “He’s barely a Republican. He kind of became a Republican in order to run. His ideas, when you can get to them, are frankly more in the direction that I would want the country to go to than Hillary Clinton. Donald wasn’t my first choice, wasn’t my second choice. For that matter, he wasn’t my third choice.”

But then in true Republican-hypocrite fashion, he said that despite the fact that he is publicly criticizing Trump (clearly a reaction and response to Trump’s miserable week on the campaign trail), he is still going to vote for Trump. “He’s the nominee and I’m going to vote for him.”

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