GOP Splintering as Trump Spirals

The Trump campaign is in “red alert” as it seem to be spiraling out of control with no apparent plan or discipline.

Just today Trump announced he is NOT supporting either House Speaker, Paul Ryan, or Arizona Senator, John McCain in their own bids for reelection. Is this payback? You be the judge. In regards to supporting Ryan, Trump said he’s “not quite there yet.”

Trump said of McCain, “I haven’t endorsed John McCain.” His reason? He was displeased with McCain’s track record with veterans. McCain is a highly-decorated and honored veteran, who suffered torture as a P.O.W.

What does this mean? It could mean that we might see more high-profile republicans rethinking their own endorsements of Trump. If this happened, his campaign could begin to spiral out of control. The ramifications could be severe, perhaps even leading to the long-predicted split of the Republican Party. All this as criticism grows louder against his own comments against Khizr Kahn, the father of fallen veteran.

Hillary Clinton has opened up as large a lead as she has seen, up as much as 8% in some polls today. She seems to be reaping the benefits from running a smooth campaign against the unpredictable and divisive Donald Trump.

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