It’s Time to Start Telling the Truth to Die-Hard Trump Supporters: You’re UnAmerican

Forget about the hypocrisy. Forget about the Hillary witch-hunt. Forget about the fact that Trump got into the White House through a campaign of lies and divisive bigotry. Just forget about all that – it doesn’t even matter now.

America is in the giant mess we’re in despite how we got here. Forget about all the other problems. Because now we have a bigger problem.

After months of growing speculation and mounting evidences, it is becoming clearer and clearer both that the Trump campaign/administration was working with the Russian government, and that the conspiracy launched to cover that collusion up is quickly unraveling. Even a majority of the Republican leadership – including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – are deeply committed to the pending investigations. Senators are now even declaring there is “no doubt whatsoever” Russia interfered with the U.S. elections.

When did we get to the point that our polarized partisanship was so extreme that we could no longer have any objectivity? When did we get to the point where overwhelming evidences were far less important that how we feel? When did we get to the point where we are Trump supporter or Hillary supporter; Republican or Democrat before we are American?

Even Fox News reports the growing likelihood that Trump was working with Russia – a mountain of hard facts will eventually become too difficult to ignore. Several Team Trump members, including Manafort, Page, and Stone, are all preparing to testify under oath. Highlight that with the fact that disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has announced that he “has a story to tell,” as long as he is granted immunity, and the growing concern that Devin Nunes was defending Trump with evidence he received from the White House, and you can see there is a growing trail of collusion and deception.

When you watch segments like the following from CNN, where they have a group of die-hard Trump supporters serving as panel, and you hear them completely dismiss the notion that the evidence that ties Trump to Russia – one of our longest-standing enemies – are inconsequential, your frustrations can easily turn into anger of the sheer ignorance from a head-shaking blind trust of a proven misogynistic, lying, demagogue.

It boggles the mind.

And let’s just cut to the chase – it’s no longer about standing by your candidate. There is proof at least that Russia interfered with our elections. There is growing evidence that suggests Trump worked with Russia. This is the President of the United States of America. And to suggest that any of this is OK – to dismiss any of this as inconsequential or “normal,” is simply un-American.

We are past the time for beating around the bush. It’s time to call this demagogue-worship exactly what it is. Trump supporters, you’re unfettered support of this sickening, treasonous man is un-American. 


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