Kellyanne Conway Exposed after Lying to America for Two Days

Earlier this week we covered a story centered around the Trump Team’s erratic and dangerous behavior surrounding the press. More specifically, CNN broke a story that claimed United States intelligence officials had briefed Mr. Trump regarding  a document alleging collusion between Putin’s Russian government and the Trump campaign.

The Trump Team denied, denied, and denied the report, including Trump surrogates Sean Spicer (his incoming Press Secretary) and his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway. The New York Times covered the story, saying, ” ‘The fact that BuzzFeed and CNN made the decision to run with this unsubstantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get clicks,’ the incoming White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, said, inaccurately lumping the two news organizations together.”

Then Kellyanne started her own tour of all the biggest shows, including interviews with Seth Meyers and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In both interviews she was called out for her inaccurate protrayal of CNN’s role in breaking the news. Perhaps more importantly, she denied that Donald Trump was ever briefed on the document suggesting collusion.

CONWAY: I can hold CNN accountable for having the screaming headline that he was briefed on something if he wasn’t. That’s what it says. It says intelligence chiefs presented Trump with information Russia efforts to compromise him.

Well folks, buckle up. NBC News reports this morning that they verified that FBI Director James Comey did, in fact, brief President-elect Trump on the document suggesting the collusion. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, this revelation is a “direct smack-down of Kellyanne Conway and what she has been saying this week.” If nothing else, this proves that Kellyanne Conway would rather lie to America – and attempt to take down any “opposition” media – than tell the truth. O’Donnell goes on to say, “Multiple high-level intelligence sources have decided that they are tired of Donald Trump or Kellyanne Conway lying about them. They are not going to take it anymore.”

The Trump Team just lost what little credibility they had left, and as far as I’m concerned, Republicans, and any Trump voters, better started demanding better accountability before they completely abolish what accountability is still left.

Below you can watch O’Donnell’s damning report, followed by Conway’s appearances on Anderson Cooper 360 and Late Night with Seth Myers.

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