Rachel Maddow Explains a Poll that Shows How Gullible Trump Voters Are

Poll can reveal a lot about our election process: who is in the lead, who is losing, by how much, in what groups, and why? But they can be a bit overwhelming. Think about it…in the year leading up to the November 8 elections, polling was at least a major news component every single week. EVERY week. So now that the election is over, we can breathe a little, because we won’t constantly be bombarded by polls. Right?

Wrong. There is NEW polling information out. But these polls aren’t going to tell you who is going to win or lose and election. Quite the contrary. Rachel Maddow has discovered one poll that brings some clarity to the question, “just who really voted for Donald Trump?”

And the answer is troubling.

Maddow explains that this poll, conducted by the PPP (Public Policy Polling), might have just “knocked a few years” off of her life.

Listen to these questions:

Do you like Donald Trump? The majority of Americans said, NO, 51-43%. Trump voters, however, have an overwhelming favorable view of him.

Do you like Barack Obama? The majority of Americans said, YES, 50%-45%. Trump voters, however, have a 90% unfavorable view of him. Wow. Maddow explains that when broadening out that question from Trump Supporters to Republicans, the Obama approval rating jumps from 5% to 9%.

After that – Maddow says, “This is where it starts to get really hairy.” She explains that the stock market has soared since Obama has taken office, the Dow Jones jumping a whopping 11,665.72 points. But WAIT. 39% of Trump voters believe that the stock market has declined under Obama’s presidency,”which is crazy,” said Maddow.

“Here’s another one, that’s even more astonishing,” she continued. Unemployment has dropped from 7.8 to 4.6% under Obama’s presidency. A HUGE victory considering the economy he inherited from George W. Bush. Maddow shows polls that suggest Clinton, Stein, and Johnson voters all understand this information. However, Trump voters simply don’t understand facts, suggesting that unemployment has continued to grow under Barack Obama.


(screen grab: The Rachel Maddow Show, 12/18/16)

“The whole rest of the country gets it, but look at that! Among Trump voters!”

You have to watch the rest of this segment here. Folks, we are fighting a battle not just of ideologies, but of ignorance vs. knowledge. Share this to help spread the word!!


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