Republican Leadership: ENOUGH, “RIGHT THE SHIP!”

Each race for the United States Senate is an “individual picture,” says Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky, in an interview last month at the RNC.

In response to the question, “What impact does Donald Trump have right now, is he more asset or more liability?” McConnell said he doesn’t believe the Senate Majority is dependent upon the “top of the ticket.” To clarify, for some time, top Republicans have been advising their Senators in key elections states to run campaigns completely independent of the presidential election.  And although his voice seems void of worry, history tells us that huge wins at the “top of the ticket” more often that not affect the other races further down the ticket. It would be a difficult blow for Republicans to lose the majority they craved for so long.

So much has changed in one month. Facing rapidly-falling poll numbers in the presidential race, Republican leadership has become worried, if not frantic, that they might not just lose the presidential election. Their attention is quickly turning to Congress, where Democrats only need 4 (if Clinton wins) or 5 (if Trump wins) seats to retake the majority from the Republicans.

CNN reported earlier today that in several anonymous interviews with “top Republicans in Washington,” they were told there’s very little they can do in those key states if Trump loses in a landslide.  CNN added, “they are pushing Trump hard to right the ship — namely by focusing exclusively on Hillary Clinton and seizing on her vulnerabilities — to help avoid an electoral bloodbath in the fall.”

In a sit down with Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, (NV) he told CNN, “The reason we have Donald Trump is because what has happened in the Congress of the United States by the Republicans … they’ve created Donald Trump.” Clearly, the Democrats strategy must be to tie every individual Republican up for election to the character and spirit of Donald Trump, and by doing so the gains could be much better than expected.

These reports come only a week after rumors began spreading about Republican leadership making preparations for Trump to drop out of the race.

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