Trump Exposes His Own Hypocrisy in Light of Possible Presidential Vote Recount

If there is one thing all school yard bullies have mastered it is the art of tough talk while secretly hoping they won’t have to back it up in the parking lot.   At this moment, Donald Trump is holding his breath with his fingers crossed behind his back.

The President-elect famously tweeted in 2012 that the electoral college was a disaster  and needed to be abolished.  As election day dawned in 2016, he tripled down on his claim that the election was rigged, calling into question possible voter fraud.  Now, in the wake of his apparent electoral victory,  a team of prominent computer scientists and election experts have urged the Clinton Campaign to demand a recount due to fishy electronic voting trends in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Trump has been called into the parking lot, and he has been eerily silent.

Maybe it is because he knows he lost the popular vote by over 2 Million votes.  Maybe it is because he knows Russia has tampered with our election again.  Maybe it is because he shares a trait with all school yard bullies–he is looking to avoid a real fight, now that it looks like grassroots progressive fundraising is going to pay for a Jill Stein sponsored recount.

While petitions fly for recounts and faithless electors are coming out, Donald Trump has only one face-saving way through this:  He should stand up to the fight.  Donald Trump should demand and fund an election audit and recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania just to prove is not afraid of finding the actual winner.

He really has nothing to lose.  If it turns out he actually lost the election, he would be free of the burdensome scope of governing.  If it turns out he actually won contests in those states, he would come out looking very tough.

But bullies are seldom tough people, only tough talkers.

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