Congress Smacked Down Betsy DeVos with a Serious Hell No

A couple of months ago, just when Betsy DeVos had convinced herself that the worst thing that could happen to her this year was the withering response to her disastrous appearance on “60 Minutes, she was proven wrong.

Which comes as no surprise if you’re at all familiar with Betsy Devos — 60 Minutes notwithstanding.

For the second year in a row, Congress put forth a budget that usurps most of what Betsy DeVos and President Trump had outlined in terms of cuts to education. These cuts were also meant to gut after-school and mental health resources. Congress also swerved DeVos’s  request for $1 billion to boost charter and private schools, per The Washington Post.

The Congressional spending bill completely ignored DeVos’s request to cut education spending by $3.6 billion overall. In fact, the bill instead increases department funding by $3.9 billion – with no funding at all for DeVos’s so-called “school choice” program.

The so-called “school choice” program would divert funding from public schools to support “choice schools, with the ultimate goal of privatizing what is arguably the most important civic institution in the country.

Just in case DeVos might have been too dim to realize that this loss was a personal one, Senator Parry Murray (D-WA), ranking Democrat on Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee made sure to clarify:

“After more than a year on the job, I wouald have hoped Secretary DeVos would have learned by now that her extreme ideas to privatize our nation’s public schools and dismantle the Department of Education do not have support among parents or in Congress, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. I’m proud to have worked with Republicans in Congress,” continued Murray, “to flatly reject these ideas, and increase funding for programs Secretary DeVos tried to cut, including K-12 education, civil rights protections, college affordability, and more.”

The bad news is… we still have a terrible Secretary of Education. The silver lining, so far, is that Congress hasn’t allowed her to do her worst to public education.

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