Literally 10,000 Ranchers United to Say Hell No To Trump’s Border Wall

As we are no coping with the reality that the Trump administration is willing to hold children in indefinite detainment centers as leverage for his pipe dream building a wall, one wonders whether anybody in his administration has taken a critical look at all of the stumbling blocks that stand between Donald Trump’s dream and reality.

First, we have the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Then we have national parks. Those are just primers.

The Texas Wildlife Association represents roughly 10,000 landowners managing 40 million acres of ranches and hunting leases throughout Texas. David Yeates, the Chief Executive of the TWA, spoke to the Star-Telegram of Forth Worth: 

“We just see so many problems,” Yeates said. In addition to the obvious loss of private property through imminent domain, he also said the wall would “interrupt landowner/livestock/wildlife access to water from the Rio Grande, harm property values, and impair critical wildlife movement corridors for species such as black bears, mountain lions, white-tailed and mule deer, and desert bighorn sheep, among others.”

Mr. Yeates asked:

“Does somebody want to buy a ranch that has a big wall across it and property stranded on the other side, and no access to the river, which is the only water in some places?”

The TWA chief also points out that because of costs, avoidance of flood plains, and other circumstances — much of the wall would be built as far in-state as one mile: “leaving homes, ranchland, watering holes, golf courses, nature preserves and anything along the river stranded past a Border Patrol gate. If you take away access to the Rio Grande, you take away the water for 50,000 acres of irrigated farmland, not to mention the drinking water for cattle and migratory path for wildlife.”

The Star-Telegram goes on to quote a Texas wildlife biologist, Louis Harveson of the Borderlands Research Institute, who calls the wall, “ill-conceived.”

If only the worst fallout from Donald Trump’s disastrous wall-obsession was the fact that the idea was ill-conceived, as opposed to the human toll it has already taken… and it doesn’t even exist.

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