The United Nations Responded to Trump’s Childish Twitter Insult, Humiliating Him for Sheer Ignorance

Just over a week ago, the United Nations voted 14-0 – with the United States abstaining – for a resolution demanding Israel immediately cease further settlement building in the West Bank. This is perhaps their last-ditch effort to preserve any hope of a two-state solution that seems to be dwindling with each passing year.

Donald Trump – clearly ignorant of the foreign-policy complexities between the United States and Israel – decided to tweet his condemnation of the United Nations, calling it “a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.” Wow.

It took the United Nations less than two hours to respond. Their response made Trump looks silly, ignorant, and patronizing – all in one fell swoop. In just a single tweet, they are able to outline some of the world-changing work they do, including feeding those in areas who are in severe poverty and drought, organizing large-scale health care initiatives in high-risk areas – especially for children, working in war-torn areas to help resolve conflict and provide humanitarian aid, serve as the world’s most important peace-keeping organization, etc. etc.

Let’s be honest – the UN is NOT a perfect organization. But working to undermine its work and reputation only serve to reveal how inadequate Donald Trump is to serve as the leader of the free world. And it is frightening to think of how flippantly he treats so many vital people, organizations, treaties, and policies. God help us.

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