Republicans Reach a “New Level of Panic” after Trump’s Terrible Week

Amid new fears that Trump is damaging not only his own chances to win the White House, but also the Republican brand, important party figures are swarming to try and direct Trump and his campaign to regain control and composure. Fears are growing that the damage will cause Republicans to lose the White House and both houses in November’s elections.

To highlight some of his mistakes (we’re past gaffs, or missteps, are we not?) from the past week include:

  • The continuing war of words with the family of fallen Muslim-American soldier, Humayun Kahn. He has had the opportunity to continually prove his ignorance surrounding this matter, suggesting that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are to blame for his death, though he died in 2004, a full four years before either held office related to the executive branch.
  • Feigning his love of babies during a rally, before publicly asking the mother to remove the baby only moments later.
  • Declaring it was “much easier” to receive a Purple Heart by a veteran at a rally, than to earn one himself. He mentioned that he had “always wanted to get the purple heart.” Tammy Duckworth, a Representative in the Illinois State Congress (and a double amputee) tweeted,  – @realdonaldtrump, this is how one usually looks when you are awarded a Purple Heart. Nothing easy about it .
  • Publicly stating he did not support either House Speaker, Paul Ryan or incumbent Arizona Senator, John McCain (two of the GOPs star leadership) for reelection [note: Trump’s Vice-President running mate, Mike Pence, has since publcally expressed his strong support for Speaker Ryan].

All of these things (and more) have left Republican leadership shaking their heads and wondering how things could possibly hold together over the next few months. As reported earlier, there has been discussion among GOP leadership about what would happen should Trump bow out of the race. Read that story here.

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