Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki sat down for an interview with current CNN and former Fox News host Chris Wallace. Things got a little testy when discussing President Biden, comments about a Fox News host that Psaki had made and that led to an ethics complaints, and for some reason, Psaki also had to defend her decision to line up other work for after her time in the Biden administration.

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Psaki responded to the questions about her future work:

“What I will tell you, Chris, and you know this from covering White Houses in the past, there are certain requirements of anybody who’s serving. If you are talking to or engaging, thinking about any future employment, which is normal. That’s a — what nearly everybody does who at some point will leave the White House.”

And continued:

“I have gone over and above those requirements. I’ve received full counseling from the counsel’s office and I will continue to do that throughout my time here at the White House.”

Wallace had been referring to a letter to White House counsel Dana Remus this week from Protect the People’s Trust, a political action group who accused Psaki of violating ethical codes when she was, in their opinion, “disparaging” Fox News journalist Peter Doocy.

The group also complained about Psaki’s reported deal to become an MSNBC host after she leaves the White House, claiming it to be a conflict of interest.

Psaki responded to those claims as well:

“I have nothing to announce about what’s next. I’m going to sleep at some point when I leave. I’m going to maybe read some fiction books. I’m going to spend time with my family.”

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Former government officials taking jobs in media is not remotely new, and numerous former members of the last administration, one supported by many of the conservatives complaining about Psaki. Kayleigh McEnany, for example, who was the last of many in Psaki’s job under former President Donald Trump, became a Fox News Channel contributor and analyst shortly after Trump left office.

Ironically, the director of Protect the People’s Trust is a former official in the Trump administration.

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