Donald Trump Jr. tried to defend the reputation of his daddy’s loyal ally, Ted Cruz but unfortunately for him, it backfired when he couldn’t get his facts straight.

Sen. Ted Cruz came under fire when he took off to Cancun, Mexico while Texans struggled with the devastation of a record winter storm which left them with no power for days on end, all in freezing temperatures.

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While Texans tried to cope with life-changing catastrophes, he and his family were in sunny Mexico, relaxing.

Trump Jr took to his father’s once-favorite social media platform and tweeted about “the hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz,” saying that their silence “on their Democrat Governor’s incompetence is telling.”

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If you didn’t catch the blunder, that “Democrat Governor” he’s talking about? He’s a Republican. And social media users were quick to let him know that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not only a Republican but he was indeed the CHAIR of the Republican Governor’s Association from 2019-2020.

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User Tim wears a Mask: “A desperate attempt by ‘little trump’ to stay relative is lost in the fact that Greg Abbott is a Republican. The Trump name will forever be remembered as the name of insurrection.”

User Values Voter said, “The Governor of Texas is a Republican, sonny. Just like the Governors of Oklahoma and Arkansas. But those states didn’t have their core infrastructure completely melt down. And their Senators didn’t get caught jetting off while their citizens froze in their homes. Try to keep up.”

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“Greg Abbott is a Republican, genius. But thank you for confirming that he is, in fact, incompetent,” commented TrumpsTaxes.

Stu Hofstetter summed it up by saying, “You moron. Texas hasn’t had a democratic governor in 829 Scaramuccis.”

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The user Hawaii Delilah tweeted, “What “Democrat” governor are you talking about, Fool? Gov Abbott is a Republican. I urge Texans to cancel every Republican in office. Nationally, we cancelled your evil father and the country is better for it.”

Another user asked, “You think anybody told him yet?”

Trump Jr. also added a link to a video in which he states that Cruz’s vacation was not “ideal” where “optics” are concerned but then defends Cruz by saying it’s not Cruz’s job to manage crises. He pointed out that that falls in the hands of the governor.

He says, “Now if I were a Trump — which I am — I’d come up with a nickname for something like this, like, ‘Cancun Cruz’.” He added, “It’s funny, but honestly I can’t get on this bandwagon trying to cancel the guy.”

Just a day after he posted it, he was back on Twitter, denouncing the “selective interpretation” of his tweet and he referred to Cruz’s ill-timed trip to Cancun as a “little PR mishap.”

Trump Jr. said, “All of those people who always want to decry misinformation and talking about such don’t seem to have a problem spreading misinformation.

He added, “I’m trending on Twitter because people seem to be making a reference about a video I posted yesterday, saying if only the people who were so outraged at Ted Cruz for a little PR mishap…. would actually get outraged about their Democrat governors.”

To those who remained doubtful of his relationship with Abbott, Trump Jr. offered to “show you the pictures of Greg Abbott and I if you need them.”

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