Guy Reffitt, a Texas man accused of bringing a semiautomatic pistol to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, interfering with police, and telling his children that “traitors get shot” when they suggested they wanted to turn him into authorities, was found guilty on all charges on Tuesday, as the jury took less than four hours to deliberate.
Via Twitter:Reffitt is the first of the January 6 rioters to go to trial and he now faces a maximum of 60 years in prison at his June 8 sentencing.Jackson Reffitt, Guy’s 19-year-old son, took the stand as a witness last week, admitting that he had secretly Googled the FBI tip line concerned about what his father may have done on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol Building.
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Reffitt told the court that his father belongs to the far-right extremist group Three Percenters militia and “pretty much all the time” has a loaded Smith & Wesson gun on his person.
Via Twitter:He told the court that he “felt gross” to “report my father,” but also that he had become “paranoid” about his father’s plans in late 2020.Jackson Reffitt said in court that his dad had mentioned doing something big “several” times and had sent group text messages to members of his family that read “We did it in the CIVIL WAR and now we are doing it again. It’s the government that is going to be destroyed in this fight.”
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Guy Reffitt has been charged with bringing a firearm to the Capitol during the riots and transporting firearms to D.C. from Texas.
Prosecutors also played recordings of Guy Reffitt in court that Jackson said he had recorded after Guy had returned from the DC riot. In one recording, Guy said ”I had a very epic point in my life. I felt so patriotic,” to which Jackson replied “You carried a weapon onto Capitol grounds.” “OK,” Guy responded, then adding, “I did it. I did bring a weapon on property that we own.” Guy Reffitt’s lawyer argued that Jackson Reffitt’s testimony against his client is part of a case that is “a lot of hype” and that Guy uses “a lot of hyperbole.”
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Guy Reffitt could spend as many as 60 years in prison if convicted. The younger Reffit ended his testimony by saying “I don’t regret it, but it’s a lot. I don’t have the words to really describe it. I think it’s the best-case scenario.”

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