A new bombshell report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette alleges that the FBI is investigating Inna Yashchyshyn, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian immigrant, who gained repeated access to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida under a false identity, and potentially posing a very serious threat to national security.

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The Post-Gazette claims that according to their sources, she got access to Mar-a-Lago by pretending to be a member of the famous bankers, the Rothschild family, and that she fooled Mar-a-Lago by looking the part, “donning designer clothes, a Rolex watch, and driving a $170,000 black Mercedes-Benz SUV.”

The case first came to the fed’s attention when Yashchyshyn got into a dispute with a former associate that led to her frequent trips to the former President’s resort being exposed.

Yashchyshyn speaks multiple languages and had previously worked for an adoption agency specializing in helping pregnant Russian women achieve U.S. citizenship for their babies.

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A court affidavit features the former associate saying that Yashchyshyn used “her fake identity as Anna de Rothschild to gain access to and build relationships with U.S. politician[s], including but not limited to Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Eric Greitens.”

There is even a photo of her at the Florida resort posing with both former President Trump and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, on the golf course.

Yashchyshyn denied to the Post-Gazette in an interview that she ever entered Mar-a-Lago using an alias and claimed the former partner made that up to hurt her, but the FBI is still treating her case as a potential threat to foreign intelligence.

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Former Secret Service supervisor Charles Marino told the Post-Gazette that “the question is was it a fraud or an intelligence threat,” and sternly concluded that “the fact that we are asking this question is a problem.”

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