Right Wing extremist radio host Alex Jones has claimed for years that the 2012 killing of 20 students and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was staged as part of the U.S. government’s attempt to seize guns from American citizens. He is now facing a world of trouble for the ridiculous accusations.

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Chris Mattei, an attorney representing families of the Sandy Hook victims, responded to a court’s order for Jones to pay out billions to the families:

“Like every other cowardly move Alex Jones has made, this bankruptcy will not work. The American judicial system will hold Alex Jones accountable, and we will never stop working to enforce the jury’s verdict.”

Mattei continued by saying that Jones had engaged in intentional and egregious attacks and that the American bankruptcy system would not protect him from having to pay.

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In October, a Connecticut jury said Jones and Free Speech Systems, the company who owns his Infowars platform, should pay nearly $1 billion in damages multiple Sandy Hook families, and later ordered him to pay an additional $473 million in punitive damages.

More recently, Houston Judge Christopher M. López ended a stay preventing the families from collecting the $1.5 billion judgment against Jones.

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In a ruling last Monday, López granted an order to lift a stay that was put in place when Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections, setting the order “immediately to (i) allow the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families’ Cases to continue to proceed to entry of final judgment and (ii) once judgments are entered, to allow appeals, if any, to proceed and the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families to pursue, respond to and participate in any such appeals without further order of the Court.”

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