A legal analyst recently suggested that regardless of what comes of the congressional investigation into the events of January 6, 2021 and former President Donald Trump’s role in them, that Trump will face criminal charges on a different front.

Legal expert Norm Eisen told CNN last Sunday morning that whether or not the Department of Justice files criminal charges against Donald Trump after Congressional Committee finishes their hearings, Trump will likely be going to court in Georgia after a special grand jury hands down its decision on Trump’s election tampering in the state.

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Eisen told host Christi Paul that despite the evidence presented at the first of the hearings conducted by the House committee investigating the insurrection, he would place his bet on Trump being indicted in the Georgia case first:

“I do see the evidence mounting for the new prosecutions. We have published that evidence in a big Brookings report and we have an evidence tracker that we put out after the first hearing — listing after every hearing all the new evidence mounting towards from where we are now: a likely crime.”

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He continued:

“That’s not just me talking, that’s a federal judge in California, who said Trump has likely committed crimes to proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But I think the evidence is particularly strong for a prosecution in the state of Georgia, where the Atlanta DA. has convened a special grand jury and we have that tape of Trump saying to [Georgia] Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also expected to be a witness in these hearings — Secretary Raffensperger just find 11,780 votes that don’t exist.”

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And concluded:

“So, yes, I expect, quite likely, there will be a prosecution in Mr. Trump’s future.”

You can watch the CNN segment here.

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