According to a report from NPR News, eight months into the probe of the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol by the House Select Committee, the story of how the insurrection attempt was funded has been one of the most closely held parts of the investigation.

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But, according the report, the committee has revealed a few clues through its subpoenas and court filings as to who was behind the financing of the attacks.

From the report: “The latest peek into questions around the money that might have helped fuel the attack arrived with the Republican National Committee’s lawsuit to thwart a subpoena from the committee.

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The filing reveals that the Democratic-led panel quietly subpoenaed an RNC vendor, San Francisco-based Salesforce, last month.

After the suit became public, the committee quickly defended the effort, saying it was looking into a new push led by former President Donald Trump asking for donations after he lost his 2020 bid for reelection.”

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Norm Eisen, a former House lawyer involved in the first Trump impeachment case, explains: “Ever since Watergate, one of the central adages in … congressional investigations of presidential wrongdoing has been ‘follow the money. The 1/6 committee investigation has been sweeping in all of its dimensions, and this is no exception.”

The Feb. 23 subpoena of Salesforce by the committee emphasized their interest in the company’s hosting of Donald Trump’s emails asking for donations using his election fraud lies. One of the main questions the committee is trying to address is whether or not Donald Trump found new ways to keep donations coming after he lost the election by shifting from a campaign to the Stop the Steal effort?

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Rep. Pete Aguilar (D. CA), a member of the committee, explains: “I think the level of grift that was involved with the Trump campaign and people close to the former president, how the Jan. 6 efforts were for many of them, this is what they were doing to make money. We are looking into that.” Aguilar added that the committee has made “significant progress,” with its findings.

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Eisen added: “The committee has not tipped its hand of everything they have. They dedicated significant resources to the money trails. ‘ And I’m certain that in the hearings and in the final report, there’s going to be much more evidence revealed.” The committee hopes to issue an interim report this summer with the final report ready sometime this fall.

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