Former President Donald Trump has recently been sent into a ranting and raving frenzy once again, this time at the appointment of a special counsel to investigate some of his many potential crimes.  Trump has posted many vitriolic posts on social media platforms, yelled about it during speeches and interviews, and has even verbally attacked the special counsel’s family.

Trump at Mar-a-Lago via Flickr / Trump White House Archives, Public Domain

MSNBC legal analyst and law school professor Joyce White Vance told MSNBC hosts that she believes that the incoming special counsel already has enough information to indict the controversial former President, and that the public should remain patient and calm as he does his job:

“Prosecutors don’t work on a fast time clock. And although we are increasingly impatient as a country to see the former president held accountable, really, we should all take a deep breath and think about why we, too, should give the special counsel the time he needs to do his job properly. We do not want to become the country of screaming people that we saw at Trump rallies, shouting ‘lock him up’ whenever we don’t like something that one of our people on the other side of the political aisle does something that we don’t like.”

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Vance continued by explaining that Americans need to understand the difference between political accountability:

“With all of that said, I agree that we have a special counsel here who is well qualified to evaluate the evidence and do the job that has eluded so many people, determining whether the former president should be indicted. And if so, indicting him in the Mar-a-Lago case, look, we only know the evidence that is publicly available. We don’t know what the DOJ has obtained. The grand jury, or other means that we are unavailable. But the public evidence makes that look like a clear-cut case for prosecution. Now there is someone in place who can do that promptly.”

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In response to the appointment of the special counsel, some Republicans in congress have already pledged to “defund” the appointment and even  threatened to investigate him before he even started an investigation of Trump’s affairs.

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