Despite the near constant talk about it and what former President Donald Trump himself says about it, his former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, doesn’t believe that Trump will run for President again in 2024, saying his former boss “has A fragile ego so there’s not a diaper big enough for him:

“His insatiable need for attention is one reason he continues to flaunt this disingenuous 2024 run. The other is he’s making more money doing that than anything he has ever done before.”

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Cohen continued by saying he thinks Trump will “continue to grift until the very last second” because he “cannot stomach … being a two-time loser.”

In the wake of a surprisingly disastrous mid-term election for Republicans, especially for the election-denying Trump supporters in the party, Trump may also see the writing on the wall that many in the party are finally distancing themselves from the controversial former President.

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Many in the media and in Republican politics blame Trump for the mid-term slump.  Meanwhile, Trump pushed back against reports that he is mad about the results and played his own blame game for the lackluster Republican election day, which saw Democrats retain control of the Senate and Republicans likely to win the House by a significantly smaller margin than they had hoped.

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Trump posted on his Truth Social platform:

“For those many people that are being fed the fake narrative from the corrupt media that I am Angry about the Midterms, don’t believe it. I am not at all angry, did a great job (I wasn’t the one running!), and am very busy looking into the future. Remember, I am a ‘Stable Genius.’”

That post came after The New York Times reported that Trump was privately spreading blame for the loss of Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz, whom he endorsed.

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According to the Times, Trump blamed Fox News host Sean Hannity and Republican mega-donor Steve Wynn for Oz’s loss, adding that his wife, Melania Trump, offered poor advice.

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