When former President Donald Trump announced a 2024 bid for the White House earlier this week, even those in attendance were bored to tears.  As Trump rambled on incoherently for over an hour, many in attendance tried to leave early, and were then blocked by Trump’s security.

According to ABC’s Jonathan Karl and many others in the media, even conservatives and former Trump associates, the speech was “incredibly low energy.” Karl said he saw people trying to leave in the middle of it until they were blocked from departing:

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Karl’s ABC colleague Olivia Rubin filmed a crowd gathering near the doors as Trump continued to low-energy ramble in the background:

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Trump’s announcement comes after many in his circle urged him to wait on making his 2024 run public and as polls say his popularity within the Republican Party has deeply plunged. One recent poll showed former Trump friend and now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as having an advantage over Trump should they meet in the Republican primary.

Many conservatives and former Trump associates blasted the speech for its lack of energy as well as the general fact that Trump is even running again.

George Conway, conservative attorney, husband to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, said that Trump’s new campaign would fail and was nothing more than an effort to protect himself from prosecution:

“Too many Americans would crawl on broken glass to vote against him, no matter who his general election opponent may be. They have seen enough.”

The National Review published an editorial with the one-word headline “No,” in which its editors criticized Trump’s “delusions, lies and conspiracy theories, and called the announcement ‘an invitation to double down on the outrages and failures of the last several years that Republicans should reject without hesitation or doubt.’”

Trump’s lack of energy and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed on Twitter, or by many of his own supporters in the audience, who left while he was still speaking.

Several members of Trump’s administration, including his White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted their displeasure with Trump:

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