Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump ranted profusely on his Truth Social account, lashing out at border security, Ukraine and mostly, Facebook.  The rants come as Facebook’s parent company Meta, weighs whether or not to let Trump back on the platform, which banned him after his role in the January 6, 2021 attacks on the U.S. Capitol building.  New Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Trump was allowed back on that platform, but Trump has not yet reactivated his account.

Screenshot via TruthSocial.com

Trump wrote:

 “‘TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING’ One of most often used current phrases or statements. Wow, such a magnificent compliment. Thank you!”

“Our Southern Border is far beyond HORRIBLE. There is no Country in the World that has such atrocious, unsafe, and disgusting conditions at their Border. We are worse than any Third World Nation! Just think, two years ago we had the safest and most stable Border in U.S. history. Criminals and Drugs entering our once great Country were at a decades low… And now, our beautiful USA is being poisoned from within, a Nation in DECLINE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and Fast!”

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Trump then complained about the US aiding Ukraine in their fight of Russia’s unprovoked war:

“When I was President I made Member Nations pay up all of the money they weren’t paying to NATO. The U.S. was footing almost the entire NATO bill, and I quickly put a stop to that. Hundreds of billions of Dollars were then rapidly paid by those ‘delinquent’ nations. The Secretary General of NATO said it was AMAZING what President Trump had done. Thank you, but here we go again! The good old USA ‘suckers’ are paying a VAST majority of the NATO bill, & outside money, going to Ukraine. VERY UNFAIR!”

Trump then took aim at Facebook, saying the company’s financial decline was due to his being booted from the social media platform because he spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally which is widely believed to have helped incite the violence at the Capitol:

“Facebook has lost over 80 Billion Dollars in Value since ‘deplatforming’ President Donald J. Trump. Also, it has gotten very BORING and UNINTERESTING. That stupid, unnecessary, and probably illegal move is now considered a major business mistake. I agree!”

Screenshot via Twitter

According to CNN, Facebook is planning to make an announcement about their decision regarding Trump in the “coming weeks:”

“The decision, likely to be one of the most consequential in the company’s history, is being considered by a specially formed internal company working group made up of leaders from different parts of the organization, a person familiar with the deliberations told CNN.

The group includes representatives from the company’s public policy, communications, content policy, and safety and integrity teams, the person said. Details of the working group were first reported by the Financial Times.”

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