According to a new poll conducted at the end of April, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has increased slightly since March.  The survey, which has a margin of sampling error of 3.5 percentage points and surveyed around 1000 adults, was conducted jointly by ABC News and The Washington Post and found that 42% of respondents approve of Biden’s overall job as President, which is an increase of 5 points from February’s 37%.  The February number was Biden’s lowest rating in Washington Post/ABC news polls.

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52% of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s job as President, down from 55% in February.

For his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden received his highest approval in this poll, at 51%.   His lowest numbers were around inflation, with only 28% approval.

Despite these positive trends, Democrats may be staring at a difficult mid-term election season, as adults in the US have indicated they believe Republicans are handling a number of key issues better than Democrats are.  Respondents indicated that the GOP is handling the economy, crime, and inflation better than Democrats, though they did indicated that Democrats have the upper hand when it comes to education and immigration, as well as issues regarding race and gender equality.

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6 months out, however, the poll of the generic midterm ballot shows that the parties are running close, with 46% of those polled said they lean toward voting for Democratic candidates if the election were now, while 45% hypothetically siding with Republicans.



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