The Missouri Supreme Court placed the law licenses of a St. Louis couple who gained national attention for waving guns at racial injustice protesters on probation.

The highest court in Missouri suspended the law licenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey but the suspension was actually delayed and the two were put on probation for one year, meaning the couple can still practice law, but will face greater penalties if they are to break any more laws.

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Mark McCloskey responded that he was disappointed, but happy with probation as opposed to full suspension, adding that he and his wife will comply, but possibly take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court after more legal consultation.

McCloskey, who is running for congress in Missouri, told The Associated Press he did not expect that he and his wife would be accused of “moral turpitude” before the Court “for doing what we thought was right.”

He continued:

I think the reason why we were asked to be suspended had more to do with politics than anything else. But we respect the Supreme Court’s opinion, although we disagree … We will comply 100% with the orders.”

The McCloskeys claimed that they felt threatened by protesters walking on their private street during racially charged 2020 protests over George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis. McCloskey stood in his yard home with an AR-15-style rifle, while his wife, Patricia McCloskey waved a semi-automatic pistol at the protestors.

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The couple received praise from many conservative leaders, including from former President Donald Trump. Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parsons even pardoned the McCloskeys in 2021.

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