In a recent opinion piece for Fox News’ website, Liz Peek has issued a warning for Democrats that they’re about to lose control of the government to a “red wave” in the upcoming mid-term elections.  Fox, of course, claims to be “fair and balanced,” but Peek’s piece reeks of conservative bias, going all in against both Democratic controlled chambers of congress and the Joe Biden administration.

Peek begins by citing President Ronald Reagan’s famous question, “are you better off than you were four years ago?” and then proceeds to tell readers that they are not, while failing to mention that since it is the mid-term elections in question, Donald Trump was actually the President four years ago.

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Peek goes on to explain:

“There is no question how voters will answer. People are struggling to pay their bills, finding it almost impossible to buy a house, still searching for scarce baby formula, afraid of the violent crime that stalks their neighborhoods, worried their kids might pick up fentanyl on Halloween, getting poorer by the day as the stock market drops and home prices too, alarmed by the migrants pouring into their cities and horrified by the woke indoctrination being spooned out by their children’s schools.

People see the economy turning down, jobs becoming less plentiful, their wages not keeping up with inflation and the Federal Reserve determined to engineer a recession to put things right. They see neighbors not working because government benefits have allowed them to stay home.”

And continues:

“Sure, climate zealots are delighted with Joe Biden’s ruinous attack on fossil fuels, cheering the sky-rocketing gasoline and heating costs that they somehow believe will save the planet. Many women are aggrieved that voters have been empowered by the Supreme Court to determine abortion policy state by state.

But notwithstanding the enormous money pouring into Democrat coffers, and the insistence by the New York Times and Washington Post that Joe Biden is riding a great comeback, voters are wising up.”

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Peek concludes:

“Perhaps the most telling sign is a recent Gallup poll in which people were asked which party can better handle the issue most important to them. Respondents picked Republicans over Democrats 48% to 37%, the highest margin earned by the party since 1946 and, according to political analysts, a strong indicator that the GOP will take both houses of Congress in November.
GOP is trusted more than Democrats on crime: Rafael Mangual Video

For sure, other surveys point in the opposite direction, including generic ballot polls which only slightly favor Republicans, and a slight improvement in President Biden’s approval ratings, but as voters appear to de-emphasize both abortion and the judicial system – issues on which Democrats score well – GOP hopes are rising.”

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While it is likely that Republicans will flip several seats and regain control of the House of Representatives, and perhaps even the senate, most polling indicates that it will be a so called “red wave,” but a relatively close race across the country.  But Fox news is not going to tell you that.

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